Covenant Committee Forms

For a description of current covenants and procedures, refer to the Queen's Landing Rules and Regulations.    
  Covenant Violations

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This form addresses covenant violations and issues where a unit owner has witnessed a violation
by another Queen’s Landing (QL) resident. The Covenants Committee and the Board will only respond to alleged violations submitted by unit owners in writing through this website, email, or by letter. Please be very specific and cite the rule number from either the Rules and Regulations or the QL By-Laws.


Rules Change Suggestion 

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Please use this form to send the Covenants Committee your suggestions. We are continuously updating and improving the community Rules and Regulations and would appreciate your thoughts and ideas. Your submission does not imply the Committee will submit your suggestion to the Board of Directors for approval only that the Committee will consider your suggestion.


Covenant Complaints
& Safety Issues

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The Covenant Committee has the responsibility to assure that our community is maintained in a manner that provides for and promotes the comfort of the unit owners, general welfare, and safety of its residents. Use this form if you have complaints and/or safety related concerns.