An Update and Review of Polypipe in Queen’s Landing

Date: July 14, 2021
Subject: An Update and Review of Polypipe in Queen’s Landing

2021 marks more than 10 years since the discovery that many units in Queen’s Landing were built with Polypipe.   In case you aren’t aware, this is a plumbing product with known defects.   It is perfectly legal to have in your home but is prone to breaks and leaks, a fact that our insurance agent has to disclose as we shop for insurance underwriters each year, and one which costs us higher premiums, losses, and a requirement to pay in full in advance.


At this point we have a list of units that are certified to be polypipe-free, a status which can be provided upon inspection by a licensed plumber, and a list of those that are not certified.   This is roughly half the units in the community.


If you have been here for many years, you are aware of the mandate of previous Boards that you have a licensed plumber inspect for polypipe and replace and if you only purchased in the last few years then you will have this written into your Resale documentation.


The Ad Hoc Polypipe committee is now meeting again regularly and planning:

*Public information sessions which can provide more history, numbers, and risk

*Investigating recommended licensed plumbers and group discounts



Sent on behalf of The Ad Hoc Polypipe Committee



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