Business Recap for July 2020

Date: August 01, 2020
Subject: Monthly Business Recap for July 2020

Highlights From Last Week’s BOD Meeting:


The July Board meeting was light on committee reports but busy with motions.  


In old business:   The biggest resident complaint about COVID-19 pool rules seemed to be the small window to get in and out of the pool gates.   The President proposed that the pool gates will open for entry at the beginning of each block of time for 30 minutes versus the previously allotted time of 10 minutes, and the rest of the Board agreed.


A quick summary below until you can see their formal wording in the minutes on the Portal:


Motion to move to electronic voting:  Due to the pandemic we will move to electronic voting this year, with a telephone and/or mail in option for those without a computer.


Motion to Update Queen’s Landing Website:  The Queen’s Landing website will get an updated look and some new functionality this year.


Motion To Adopt Revised Rules and Regulations:  The long process of updating the Rules and Regulations of the community has been completed.


Motion to Offer Water Aerobics 2 Additional Days:   After some time with the COVID-19 pool rules in place and an understanding of how residents are using the pool at this time, additional Water Aerobics sessions have been added.


Motion for Landscape Committee to Use Chester Room:   Due to the complex nature of some of its paper documentation, the Landscape committee was allowed a special use of the Chester Room.

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