Polybutylene Pipe – Viewing Your Owner Account

Date: May 22, 2020
Subject: Polybutylene Pipe – Viewing Your Owner Account
At the May Board Meeting an updated report on polybutylene pipe was provided in my management report advising that the office has¬†completed taking information compiled over the past several years from a variety of resources and has entered the information under each unit owner’s portal file which is visible by the individual unit owner.
Unit owners should log on to their portal accounts and verify the information we have entered.¬† If an owner notes an error they should notify the office.¬† If an owner is stating they do not have polybutylene pipe versus a note that shows they do or that it needs to be checked that owner will need to provide some sort of proof to back up their statement ‚Äď an inspection, a replacement invoice, etc.¬†
How to Check Your Owner Account:
Go to www.tidewaterproperty.com to log into your portal owner account.  If you have not yet set up your owner account and you need assistance with getting that account set up, please contact the office.
Once logged on to the portal, go to My Account and¬†click on Manage Account.¬† Along the top you will see blue labels.¬†Click on Additional Information (see screenshot below with the correct label “highlighted”).¬† You will see a note for your unit under the heading “Polybutylene Pipe.”¬† It’s that simple and easy!

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