Remodeling Trash and Other Items – DO NOT USE QL TRASH AREA

Date: May 18, 2020
Subject: Remodeling Trash and Other Items – DO NOT USE QL TRASH AREA
Good Afternoon QL,
Below are some photos of what the trash/recycle area has looked like over the past couple of weeks – including this past weekend. This is an ongoing issue that has compounded with the number of residents home, although the furniture, electronics, bikes, grills, remodeling trash, etc is always an issue.
Continued violation of the Rules & Regulations – rules that are also posted at the trash area – has caused an increase in the Association trash costs. This issue will be discussed by the Board as they look at solutions on a short term and long term basis but in the meantime, please, follow the posted rules – you are costing the Association money.  For items that are not allowed, residents must make arrangements to have those items hauled off.  There are several companies that will come and pick up your junk and below are names of just a few…
  • Sanford and Son Demolition and Cleanouts
  • JT’s Junk & Trash Removal LLC
  • Good Time Home Care.
  • Mess Movers DMV. 
  • Get It Gone
  • Junk Be Gone


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