Water Aerobics – Starting Monday, July 20 Class will be at 11 AM

Date: July 17, 2020
Subject: Water Aerobics – Starting Monday, July 20 Class will be at 11 AM
Good Afternoon QL,
Water Aerobics is a huge success and as such arrangements have been made for classes to start at 11 am beginning with the next class on Monday, June 20!  With this new start time those signing up for water aerobics no longer have to double sign up for pool time correlating with the water aerobics.  Of course, if you want to stay at the pool at the 12:00 block of time you will need to sign up for that as usual.
Due to social distancing there is still a limit on the number of participants but the new allowed number is 12. Sign ups fill up fast so don’t wait.  Also, if you do sign up for a time and can’t make it please remember to remove your reservation so that others can see the space is available.  With so many wanting to attend this activity this is essential.  To sign up for water aerobics or to join groups or sign up for other activities click this SignUpGenius link Queen’s Landing Activities, Groups and Events.
For those signing up for activities or joining groups if you create your SignUpGenius account you do not have to enter certain information over and over again and it is easier to change or delete your reserved time.  Also, if you have a smart phone SignUpGenius has an app!  If you need help getting started or making changes with a reservation please contact the office as we are happy to help you.

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