Presidents Message – Roof Invoices

Date: August 25, 2020
Subject: Presidents Message – Roof Invoices


Once again it is that time when payment for roof bills are due.  We are now in the second year of roof and skylight replacements, after 2 years which gave every unit owner a chance to save for this bill.

In order to give everybody the benefit of the frequently asked questions and answers on billing I have put this message out.  Please read on if you have questions about your bill.

How will I get my bill?  All bills have been  mailed out via US mail to unit owners at the mailing address on their account on the Portal.  .

How was my bill calculated?  All unit owners received an estimate for their roof replacement, including skylights if they have any.  The cost of the roof to each unit owner is based on their share of the accepted bid cost to replace the roof on their particular building.  The total cost of the roof is divided by the percent of common element.  It is not based on square footage of each unit.  All unit owners have an interest in the whole roof as a limited common element.  If a unit owner has skylights being replaced the cost of those are added to each bill based on the skylights that were chosen by the unit owner.  If the roof engineer determined that skylights didn’t need to be replaced the unit owner was charged for the reflashing kit needed to put the skylights back in after the roof was replaced.

What if my final bill had changes from the roof estimate I received?  If you made changes to your skylight selection, or if you chose to have a solar attic fan installed after the estimate went out or if your unit plywood deck had soft spots from water intrusion, those items were added to your final bill.  They are specific to and only serve your unit so are billed only to you.

Where do I findinformation on the types of materials used on the roof project and who decided that?  The specifications for all labor and materials is on the Portal in the roof folder.  They were drafted by the engineer the Board hired to do this and to oversee this project.  They were negotiated into the contract we entered into with Katchmark after open and competitive bidding.  This process is not the same as hiring a roofer to replace the roof on a single family house and cannot be compared to that.  Small roofers do not typically have the kinds of insurance, administration, and organization needed to do large commercial projects such as this one, though the bidding was open to all.

Roof material information can be found on the portal under Community Information > Property Information > Roof Materials.  Materials and warranty information can be found on the portal under Community Information > Property Information > Warranty Info and Care Manuals .  There are individual folders for the shingles, skylights and the attic fan.

Will I get new gutters and downspouts and will they be charged to me?  All building which have not yet had gutters and downspouts replaced will get new ones.  This work is starting shortly and will not be billed directly to individual owners.  It is being paid out of our Reserve funds per our governing documents.

When is my bill due?  All bills are due immediately on receipt and say so on the bill.  At the end of 30 days if payment is not received a late fee of 10% will be added to your bill as provided by our governing documents.  If the bill still remains unpaid, a unit owner will be referred to our collection attorney for a lien and suit.  While not a pleasant idea, it is necessary in order to protect the financial stability of our community.  We have to pay the roofing company for work completed from our savings account (Reserves) when unit owners fail to pay on time.

What if I got a notice of late fee before 30 days were up?  Please contact the office and let us know.  However, we are aware of a computer system failure which may have inadvertently done this on a few accounts and we are working to correct this.  No late fees are owed before you have 30 days from the final bill date to pay.

How may I pay my bill?  You may pay by credit card to Katchmark at no additional processing fee, by check mailed to Tidewater or by automatic withdrawal or e-check from your account to Tidewater.  There is an option to pay Tidewater by credit card but there is an additional processing fee.  The Katchmark option does not have this fee but it will end shortly after all of their work on site is completed.  Please call the office to give Laura your credit card information, or if you need help in making payment.

Is this process the same for everybody?  Yes.  The only unit owners who are not part of this process are those in Buildings 41 and 47 because they have roofs less than 10 years old, and some Adriatic unit owners who paid to have their roofs replaced before the Board picked a roofer for this project.  Those roofs were not included in the price calculations so other owners in those buildings only paid for their part of the roof replaced by Katchmark.

Did Board members have to be part of this process?  Yes.  Four Board members’ units are in buildings that had their roofs replaced by Katchmark last year and 3 had their roofs replaced this year.  One is scheduled to be replaced next year.  One Board member lives in Building 41 which has a 10 year old roof.  There were no special exceptions made for Board members.  All are subject to the same payment rules as every other unit owner as well.

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