SAVE THE DATE – QL Cardboard Boat Regatta, September 19th!

Date: August 24, 2020
Subject: SAVE THE DATE – QL Cardboard Boat Regatta, September 19th!

Ahoy all residents and your extended families!!  Get ready for the next community wide event as the Social Committee presents….


The QL Cardboard Boat Regatta

September 19th

Cardboard Boat Races

Food Trucks

Awards Ceremony

Live Music

FUN, FUN, FUN and more FUN for the whole community!


Whether you want to simply be a spectator enjoying the fun from the sidelines voting for your favorite entry and cheering them on or be part of a boat builder team in the thick of things and possibly the winners of trophies including the main trophy (to be engraved and proudly displayed at the clubhouse for all to see) there is something for everyone!


Boat Builders Needed – SIGN UP YOUR CREW BY SEPTEMBER 11

Don’t worry if you’ve never built a boat or even seen a cardboard boat race as we have all the information you will need for you and your family to build a masterpiece.  Registration is $30 per boat which includes a starter kit of building materials to include five 40″ x 48″ corrugated cardboard sheets and a roll of duct tape (enough material to build a 2 person boat); $10 worth of food truck coupons; two event t-shirts (ability to purchase more if wanted); a team burgee (flag); and, the possiblity of winning trophies and bragging rights.  Attached to this email is all the information you will need to give you an understanding of what a cardboard boat regatta is and how to build a boat.  And, of course, there is always youTube.  This is a great activity and fun for all ages.  If you would like to build a boat click Sign my Crew Up!!




September 11, 2020

Last day for boat’s to register. All boats must have submitted their final Name of Boat (or boat will be only known as the resident’s last name) and pay $30 registration fee.


September 19 – RACE DAY!

Boats must be brought to the Macum Creek kayak launch by 9:00 A.M.  From 9:30 – 10:00 A.M. there will be a Boat Crew and Safety Boat Crew Orientation. All boat crews must come to the Boat Crew Orientation. During this time, we will collect team members’ signed waivers and give out t-shirts.


Each boat entry will receive 10 complementary food vouchers for the Food Truck Smorgasbord ($10 value). From 11:00 am through the race, guests will have the opportunity to eat a variety of foods from the best Food Trucks in our area, check out the boat displays in the wharf and “vote” for their favorite boat with dollars. This is a great opportunity for boat builders to solicit “votes” for the People’s Choice Award.


For more photos and ideas click More Photos and Ideas


Best Regards,


QLCOUO Social Committee


As with all events social distancing will be enforced as per the current regulations at the time of the event.

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