Business Recap for September 2020

Date: September 29, 2020
Subject: Monthly Business Recap for September 2020

Monthly Business Recap for Sept 2020


Highlights of the September Board Meeting:


There were four main motions passed at this month’s meeting:


Motion to Re-Open the Clubhouse:

This proposal to re-open the clubhouse follows guidelines you’ll find at other businesses you’re used to seeing, like masks, in-person meetings requiring an appointment, and plexiglass separation.  As soon as rules are set around use of the gym, that will open as well.


Motion to Limit Use of Social Committee Funds:

This proposal limits the budget of any social event to 25% of the annual budget.   If the committee has an event that proposes spending more, it can be approved by the Board.   This rule exists for all other committees with a budget.


Motion for Restricted Access on Portal:

This proposal to remove access for the Board to certain data on the Tidewater Portal was hotly debated until it was clarified  exactly what the restricted data was:  Accounts Receivable Aging, Owner Transfer, Receivables Type Balance, and Prepaid Homeowners.   These concern strictly financial matters, such as whether an owner’s dues are paid.  Our Board Treasurer, a CPA at a large corporation, proposed this as a proactive way to protect the private data of all homeowners.   It is not the result of any abuse or misuse of data.   This limits access to such data to only Tidewater, the Treasurer, and the President.


Motion for Fall Festival Social Event:

More details to follow on an October social event for the whole community!


In other news, the annual Board election is coming up!


This week on October 1st will be Meet the Candidates night, and the annual election will follow on October 9th.


You can join “Meet the Candidates” over the phone at 515-604-9941 and enter 618215# to join, or over the web at and enter “chester” (no quotes).


You can find a “how to” on the voting process here:


Have complaints about the Election process? With a new electronic voting system in place for the the annual election, there have been a LOT of questions, comments, and even complaints! This is a great time to point out that EVERY homeowner can have a say in how their elections are run by joining the Election Committee. It takes no more than an hour out of your time per month, or less. While we’re on the topic, the same goes for your annual budget and the Budget Committee, the Landscape decisions and the Landscape Committee, the Rules and Regulations and their committee, and so on. You can decide what happens in your community by just participating in the process.


You can find the minutes of BOD and committee meetings at the link below.  If you clicked the link below and are prompted for a login you may have to log in first and then click the link again.


If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions on these office communications, please contact [email protected]

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