Multi Unit Owners Voting Issue Being Addressed

Date: September 25, 2020
Subject: Multi Unit Owners Voting Issue Being Addressed
The Election Committee and management was made aware this morning that multi unit owners were only being able to vote once versus once per unit owned.  SimplyVoting has been notified and is working on the fix.  It appears the issue has to do with the email address for these owners being the same for each of the units they own – as they would be.
SimplyVoting’s system is set to only allow one vote based on the email address, however, we have reviewed with them the multi-unit owners in the community and SimplyVoting is doing a work around.  Those owners this issue pertains to should get additional information from SimplyVoting today and will be able to cast their votes once for each and every unit they own.
Single unit owners are not effected by this issue.

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