Meet the Candidates Recording Link

Date: October 06, 2020
Subject: Meet the Candidates Recording Link
If you would like to view the recording of the “Meet the Candidates” held on Thursday, October 1, please click the link included at the bottom of this broadcast message.
Please know the recording was set to auto record with a start time of 7:00 pm, however, since the event did not start at exactly 7:00 pm the timer was paused.  It was not realized that the recording timer had not been unpaused until about 7 minutes in to the candidates’ introductions meaning only two candidates’ intros are included in the recording.  After much discussion on how to handle this issue it was determined that the error in recording was of no fault of the candidates and therefore would be released as is.  The candidates were given an opportunity to submit their introduction in writing to be included with the release of the recording link, however, only the two candidates that are viewable on the recording did so. As such it was determined there is no reason to submit the written intro of those viewable.  We do apologize for the mishap – it is a new process and the committee and management are doing the very best they can with all of the new processes as the world contiues to deal with COVID 19 concerns.
That being said, thank you to the 43 owners that tuned in, 5 of which were Board Members and/or Election Committee Members, leaving 39 other owners that took an active part in tuning in that evening.  This is pretty consistent with the turn out of “Meet the Candidates” held in the past that were available to attend in person and via teleconference so while it is encouraging that the same level of participation remains steady even with the changes, it is disheartening that, consistently, many owners are not more interested or involved in the process.  The Election Committee encourages all owners to be an active part in this election – do your research, ask questions, and vote.  Below is the recording link:

Queen's Landing