Business Recap for October 2020

Date: October 28, 2020
Subject: Monthly Business Recap for October 2020

Highlights of the October Board Meeting:


There were two main motions passed at this month’s meeting:


Motion to Reopen The Gym:

As planned over the last couple of months, final arrangements were made to get the gym reopened, and the motion passed unanimously.   Detailed rules for using the gym can be found here:


Motion Doors and Windows 2020:

Although long-planned by the Maintenance committee and already in the budget, this motion to replace the community’s doors and windows over the next several years was raised so that the new BOD and the community could be aware, informed, and ask questions.


In other news, the Newsletter, Website, and Communications committee took some photos of Halloween decorations around Queen’s Landing and you can find them here:


Finally, it’s flu season again and just FYI you can get a free flu shot from the county right in Centreville:

COST:  free to County residents

LOCATION: 206 North Commerce St., Centreville, MD (parking lot behind the building)

WHEN: Mondays and Wednesdays through November 18 (except Nov 11), 12 noon through 3 p.m.

HOW: BY APPOINTMENT ONLY:  on-line sign-up at, or by phone 410-759-0848 (English) or 877-772-9832 (Spanish)

More info here:


You can find the minutes of BOD and committee meetings at the link below.  If you clicked the link below and are prompted for a login you may have to log in first and then click the link again.


If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions on these office communications, please contact [email protected].

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