Clubhouse Parking Lot Must be Cleared Out by 7 AM Saturday, 10/31

Date: October 29, 2020
Subject: Clubhouse Parking Lot Must be Cleared Out by 7 AM Saturday, 10/31
All vehicles and boats parked at the clubhouse parking lot must be cleared out of the parking area by 7 am this Saturday, October 31 in order for the space to be set up for the Fall Festival.  The parking lot is to remain open all day Saturday until after the Trunk or Treat event has concluded at 8 pm.
For those of you that have boats in the parking lot, Laura advises me that only one owner has contacted the office and obtained the proper temporary parking pass as is required by your Rules & Regulations. Those owners that have not followed the process are to contact the office immediately at 410-643-5192 or via email to [email protected].  Otherwise your boat may be towed without further notice.

Thank you,


Tammy Eaton

Tammy Eaton

Queen’s Landing On-Site Community Association Manager

500 Queen’s Landing Drive, Chester, Maryland 21619

Phone: 410-643-5192

Fax: 410-607-2712


REMINDER: The payment remittance address for your assessment has changed.  Please be sure to include your account number on your payment. Please mail payments to:


Queens Landing CUO

C/O Tidewater Property Management

PO Box 1653

New York, NY 10008-1653

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