Water to Hose Bibs Must Be Shut Off Immediately – ACTION REQUIRED

Date: November 17, 2020
Subject: Water to Hose Bibs Must Be Shut Off Immediately – ACTION REQUIRED
Good Morning QL,
Thank you to those of you that complied with the first request regarding water to be shut off to the exterior hosebibs.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.
For those of you that have not complied,YOU ARE IN VIOLATION OF THE GOVERNING DOCUMENTS, SPECIFICALLY 2.13 (h) OF THE RULES & REGULATIONS which requires the hosebibs to be turned off by November 1 through March 31st each year. Owners that have NOT complied will be receiving violation notices so it is important you act today! This action is required so as to prevent costly damages for owners and the Association as a whole.
Per your Rules & Regs:
2.13 (h) Water pressure to outside hose bibs must be shut off, and hoses disconnected and drained by residents no later than November 1 of each year and remain shut off until March 31. Landlords shall notify and ensure that their tenants comply with this section. If not in compliance, the unit owner or his/her tenant responsible for damaging the unit or neighboring units, limited common elements and/or common elements will be responsible for the damage in accordance with the Queen’s Landing governing documents and the Maryland Condominium Act.
If you need assistance getting the water shut off, please contact the office at 410-643-5192 or email the Admin Specialist, Laura Smith at [email protected].

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