Calendar Reminders 12/14/2020

Date: December 14, 2020
Subject: Weekly Calendar Reminders 12/14/2020

Good Morning QL, Happy Monday!!

Don’t miss this week’s Teleconference Meetings!

Owners/residents are strongly encouraged to attend meetings so mark your calendars now, set your reminders, and plan to tune in from the comfort of your home. If our world is teaching us nothing else right now, it is teaching us to get the facts ourselves from those actually working the issues and not to rely on the interpretation of others.  Teleconference number is list on the portal calendar under each meeting.

Social Activities This Week!

Men’s Exercise Group*

Meets every Monday, Thursday, Saturday at 9 am at the clubhouse.

If you would like to get other notices for activities for this group, share your ideas for a class, share tips, etc. click this link “Men’s Exercise” and join the group. This is a free activity.

Walking Group*

Meets every Saturday at 9 am at the clubhouse.  If you would like to get other notices for activities for this group, share your ideas for onsite and offsite walks click this link “Walking Group” and join the group. This is a free activity.

Pickleball Group*

Saturday mornings at 8 am at the tennis courts.  If you would like to get connected with others click this link “Pickleball” and join the group.  This is free activity. 

*IMPORTANT NOTE: All group leaders are strictly volunteers and are not certified instructors. These groups are intended to get together those that have common interests. Exercise is not without its risks and this or any other exercise program may result in injury. Any person who undertakes these exercises does so at their own risk. To reduce the risk of injury you should consult your doctor before beginning these or any other exercise program. As with any exercise program, if at any point during your workout you believe conditions to be unsafe or begin to feel faint or dizzy, have physical discomfort, or pain, you should stop immediately and consult a physician.



 2.3.Patios, Porches, Unit Driveways, Decks and Lamp Posts
(e)Nothing shall be attached to the lamp posts and light tops, which are all situated on common element. 
In the past we tried to allow for some decoration while protecting the posts and light tops by allowing soft ribbons, and lights.  However people attached the ribbons with plastic ties at the most vulnerable part of the lamp post, taped decorations taking paint off and put up other decorations which again damaged the posts. 

Violations will be sent on Friday for anyone who’s Lamp posts are decorated. 

Thank you,

Laura Smith

On-Site Administrative Specialist

500 Queen’s Landing Drive, Chester, Maryland 21619

Phone: 410-643-5192

Queen's Landing