Winners of the Clubhouse and Social Committee’s Holiday Unit Decoration Contest

By Rick Baamonde, COSC Chairman

The Holiday Unit Decoration Contest: On Friday, the owner and the manager of The Gifted Crab went around the community and judged the units and picked winners for the contest. They also generously donated an additional $50 gift card to the $150 in prizes we had for first, second, and third place. On Tuesday we drove to each of the 4 winning units and gave lawn signs and gift certificates to the winning units.

I want to shout out the owner of The Gifted Crab Bob Harry and his manager, Susan Darling for taking this very seriously. Bob literally walked the whole community and all around each unit in freezing, windy, weather to give every unit a full viewing.

A big thank you to all the unit owners who decorated. The showing was amazing and you made the judging very difficult. The Karneis’ sailboat that is decorated in the harbor is amazing as well.

The following units were scored by as competitive by The Gifted Crab team: 1C, 4A, 6A, 8F, 11E, 21E, 21H, 23H, 29G, 31A, 32F, 35D, 41C, 45G, 45H, 49G.

Prizes: 1st place: 31A

2nd / 3rd place (two units): 6A and 21H

Honorable Mention: 29G. 


Note: The winner of 31A abstained from taking a picture while getting her prize, and pictures really don’t do the unit justice. Go out and see the moving lights and patterns. It’s a little winter wonderland.




Thanks again to the Gifted Crab!

Happy holidays and Happy New Year to all!

Please support local businesses throughout the holidays!

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