Vehicle Decals Update –

Date: February 15, 2021
Subject: Vehicle Decals Update –
Good Morning QL,
The office is currently out of vehicle decals but new ones have been ordered and should be received in about a week.  If you still need to register your vehicle(s), please send an email to me at [email protected]. You will receive a confirming email that the information has been received and the database updated.  A notice will be sent out to the community once the decals are received in the office and are again available at which time those that registered their vehicles via email can come by the office to pick up your decals.
Again – this is only for those that never registered their vehicle or if you have a decal that no longer “clings” and you need a replacement one.
Decals are clings only (no stickers) and are to be placed anywhere on the inside front windshield.  For those that may be concerned about decals providing information that would identify where you live, the decals were redesigned two years ago to have no identifying information as to the community name so if you have an older QL decal with the QL on the lighthouse and you would prefer to have the one with the heron, please let me know.
Vehicle inspection will be postponed until next week after the decals are received but only as an extended courtesy as the rules clearly state residents are required to register vehicles upon moving into the community or when purchasing a new vehicle and this should have been done well before any courtesy reminders sent community wide.

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