Board and committee meeting comments

Date: April 08, 2021
Subject: Board and committee meeting comments

Good Afternoon, 


The Board of Directors meeting agenda has typically included a statement explaining how comment periods following regular Board meetings operate.  It was recently pointed out that this statement included the word “homeowner” but going forward the Board will change that word to “resident”.    Board and committee meetings are always followed by a comment period, and all residents are welcome to attend these meetings and comment afterwards during the appropriate time.   We really value your input and want to hear from you.


Please note the above does not apply to the Annual Meeting.



Thank you,


Lisa L Shank

On-Site Community Association Manager

Queen’s Landing CUO

500 Queen’s Landing Drive

Chester, MD  21619

[email protected]

O: 410-643-5192  F:410-604-2712


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Please Note:  It is important that we stress for all residents using personal means of communication such as the homeowner-operated Residents of Queen’s Landing Facebook page as well as the homeowner-operated email newsletter Queen’s Landing Homeowners for Transparency, that they are not formally monitored by either the management office or the Board. Nor are they a formal means of communication for Queen’s Landing.  If you have an issue, a complaint, a question, or anything else that needs attention from the management office, the Board, or an individual board member; you must use one of the following means:


A phone call to the office at 410-643-5192

An email to the office at [email protected]

A ticket on the Tidewater Portal

After-hours emergencies: 443-548-0191

All the Board members emails are on the Queens Landing website

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