BOD Recap April 2021

Date: April 22, 2021
Subject: Monthly: BOD Recap April 2021

In this month’s Recap pool passes are in the works, patio furniture at the tennis courts, some drainage work, and more gate discussion.


First a short review of the President’s Report.


Bob took the time to reiterate his statements from last month about social media.   To paraphrase, the Board supports residents using social media but stresses that they are not monitored by the office or the Board.  If you have any issues, complaints, or questions, please use the official means.


Bob acknowledged that since last meeting there have been some complaints about residents receiving unsolicited emails and concerns about how those email addresses were obtained, and gave the following points:

  • As a Board, we have taken steps to protect all residents contact information or PII. In September of 2020 we passed a motion limiting access to this information to the President, Treasurer and the management office. This motion passed 5-2 with 2 members absent.
  • A motion was put forward at the October meeting to partially rescind this protective motion but was deemed inappropriate, Roberts Rules, and was not heard.
  • At the November BOD Meeting another motion to change the access to PII was brought forward and defeated 7-2. 
  • All residents have the option on the portal to either have their contact information visible or hidden with your privacy settings.
    On the portal under your account and the privacy setting tab, it reads:
    By checking a box below, you are opting to display that information for the listed property to anyone who has access to the Homeowner Directory in the association shown.

I want everyone to know and hear this; NO Board member will ever contact you asking you for your contact information on behalf of the Board or the management office. Only the management office will collect that information to build your account. Anyone knocking on your door asking for contact information is not authorized to do so by the Board, regardless of how they represent themselves, and we ask that you contact the management office if this occurs. We will continue to protect your PII and if you do have questions about your privacy settings, please email: [email protected] for assistance.


Under new business, four motions were covered:

  1.  A motion to outsource the creation of pool passes was passed unanimously.   You will receive some instructions on going to a website, and filling in some info, and your pool passes will be mailed to you
  2.  A motion to allow some patio furniture to be donated to the tennis courts was also passed unanimously and we expect to see that furniture out there shortly
  3.  A motion to allow the maintenance committee to spend the funds necessary to have our vendor regrade and fix various drainage issues was passed unanimously.   
  4.  A motion to rescind the motion that was passed to have the garbage and marina path gates installed was not passed

 Finally for this month, we would like to present to you a slightly different format for pointing out to you where to find all the committee and Board meeting minutes.


In the last month, you can find updated minutes on the Tidewater Portal from the following committees:

Ad Hoc Reserve

Newsletter Website Communications Committee



The March Board meeting minutes will go up ASAP as they have just been passed.


You can find the minutes of BOD and committee meetings at the link below. If you clicked the link below and are prompted for a login you may have to log in first and then click the link again.




This Friday, April 23, 5-8 p.m.

Location: Kent Island Elks Lodge 2576, 2525 Romancoke Rd, Stevensville


Saturday, April 24, 8-2 p.m.  (or any day, any time, year-round)

Location:  QA Co Office of the Sheriff, 505 Railroad Ave., Centreville



If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions on the news we bring you here or in our other communications, please contact [email protected]

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