Window and Door Replacement Update

Date: April 26, 2021
Subject: Window and Door Replacement Update

Good Morning, 

The Maintenance Committee has been diligently working to address the failing window and doors throughout the community.  A plan has been formulated to identify and replace the window and doors over the next 10 years.  As funds become available, the timing of the project can be moved up. 

Based on maintenance requests and visual inspections, the window and door have been given a priority rating. 

Priority 1:  Water Intrusion inside a unit

Priority 2:  Water Intrusion at Storage Areas

Priority 3:  Air Intrusion

Priority 4:  Broken seal or hard to open/operate

Priority 5:  Age

*** Please Note

  • The priority level must be validated.  If you have water intrusion, please provide photos along with your maintenance request.  If a photo is not available, you may have a water test done, at your expense. 
  • The closing mechanisms and screens are the homeowner’s responsibility. 

Other items considered are the location of the window and/or door. Those items under cover may receive a different priority.  The process for replacement will vary depending on the location of the door and or window  If you have water or air intrusion and would like maintenance to tape and plastic off the window and or door in the meantime, please submit a maintenance request via the Tidewater Portal.

We are in the process of interviewing contractors to perform work in community.  One hurdle we are encountering is the contractor chosen must be STO Certified.  While we can find STO Certified contractors they are not local.  A large portion of their proposals includes a housing and food allotment.  This will take funds away from the physical work that needs to be performed. 

If your have question regarding this process or would like to have a clear understanding of the issues you are encouraged to attend the Maintenance Committee meetings.  These meetings are posted on the portal and website calendar. To join a meeting check the portal and/or website calendar for link and call-in number and meeting ID.

Thank you, 


Lisa L Shank

On-Site Community Association Manager

Queen’s Landing CUO

500 Queen’s Landing Drive

Chester, MD  21619

[email protected]

O: 410-643-5192  F:410-604-2712


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After-hours emergencies: 443-548-0191

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