Pool Passes Updated Information.

Date: May 07, 2021
Subject: Pool Passes Updated Information.

Good Morning,


We have received serval emails regarding the pool passes and wanted to address them as well as some of the issues we have found with applications.


Please note the information being gathered is not for the pool pass company but for Queens Landing.   These questions have been asked and required in the last 4 pool seasons the information is so we can ensure all homeowners are up to date, and following the communities By Laws, Rules and Regulations.  Each time a pool pass application is submitted the office receives an email with the information attached. 


Per the Rules and Regulations:

Pool passes are issued each year before the start of the pool season to all unit owners or tenants of unit owners who meet the following criteria: 

Unit Owners, including those who rent their units: 

1. All fees and assessments are up to date and paid in full. 

2. All motor vehicles are properly registered with Queen’s Landing (requires a Queen’s Landing parking sticker number). 

3. There are no unresolved violations. 


Tenants: In addition to the criteria above for the unit owner: 

1. The $100 Rental Registration Fee must be paid in full and a current Lease, the Queen’s Landing Addendum to Lease, and all required attachments (e.g., proof of insurance) must be on file in the office. 


If your pool pass application is placed in the “HOLD” status it is most likely because of one of the issues stated above or the following:


    • Photo was not provided.
    • The photo does not meet criteria.  The photo must be similar to that of a headshot for a passport.  Your face must be fully visible and only one person per photo.
    • Passes are being requested for people who do not reside in the home. 
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Each resident will be allowed a pass and each unit is able to obtain 2 free guest passes.


These passes will be mailed to each resident in good standing once you have completed and submitted your online application.  Please do not procrastinate as you will not be able to access the pool area without your Official Swimming Pool Pass.  The office does not have the ability to issue temporary passes and the guards cannot grant access to anyone without their Swimming Pool Pass Photo ID.  This process may take one to two weeks for you to receive your passes in the mail, apply today!


Should you need any help with the application, below is a list of people willing to assist with the process.


Rick Baamonde          [email protected]       


Bob Karnei                  [email protected]     


Please cc [email protected] on your email. 


Act quickly so that you can take advantage of the pool as soon as it opens. 

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