QL Trash & Recycling Notice

Date: June 11, 2021
Subject: QL Trash & Recycling Notice

QL Trash & Recycling Notice

Note: Only trash in trash bags placed in front of units will be picked up by the garbage company, anything else will be left behind.   

Same goes for the toter/recycling area by the maintenance shed.  We have security cameras there along with the fence which needs to fobbed to get in so we will be able to identify the person(s) who do not follow the rules and they will be fined.

We have been paying anywhere from $3500 to $5000 per year extra for those who can’t follow the rules between trash not in bags or contaminated recycling in the recycling bins.

Republic has been notified again not to pick up anything other than trash bags, so that pizza box you stick under the garbage bag will be left behind or that cardboard box you stuff with items you no longer want will also be left behind.

Per Our Rules & Regulations:

2.9. Trash and Recycling

(a) All trash is to be contained in heavy-duty well secured trash bags and placed in an easily accessible place in front of the unit after sunset during the evening prior to trash pick-up day. Trash cans are not permitted curbside in front of the units and will not be picked up by our Contractor.

(b) Trash/garbage may not be stored longer than the next trash pick-up day. Trash containers for trash are available for weekend and non-pick-up days in the fenced in area at the Maintenance shed location.

(c) Trash cans are not permitted at individual units.

(d) Marina trash may be placed in the Maintenance area trash containers or placed at the resident’s unit street pick-up points but not at the end of the piers.

(e) Recycling bins are available at the Maintenance area. A list of recyclable items is printed on the recycling bins. Only the identified items may be deposited in the bins. Nothing may be left at the recycling area that does not qualify as recyclable material.

All non- recyclable materials should be placed in the trash bins up in the Maintenance shed area and placed in the appropriate containers.

(f) Any outside contractors retained by unit owners must be told that they are to remove any debris and may not use the Queens Landing trash or recycling areas at Queen’s Landing. Residents who do work at private units may not use the Queens Landing trash or recycling areas for construction debris.

See http://www.qac.org/556/Transfer-Station

(g) NO TRESPASSING signage is now posted at the Maintenance area warning of criminal prosecution and a $1,000 fine for unauthorized use of the facilities.

Thank you –

Jaci Hendricks

Board Treasurer

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