Unregistered Kayak left at the Clubhouse Racks

Date: June 17, 2021
Subject: Unregistered Kayak left at the Clubhouse Racks
Is this your kayak? Or can someone help identify the owner this kayak? If this your kayak, please remove the kayak by Friday, June 18th at 12pm. If the kayak is not removed, we will have no other choice than to have it done at the owner’s expense at a rate of $45 per hour with a one hour minimum.  (Queens Landing will not be responsible for any damage done to the kayak) The kayak will be placed in storage, and you will need to schedule a time during business hours to retrieve.  Business hours are Monday – Thursday 8:00am – 4:30pm and Friday 8:00am –3:30 pm.
Please refer to Queen’s Landing Rules & Regulations:
4.3. Small Boat, Canoe and Kayak Racks
(c) All small boats shall be registered at the office at which time a sticker will be provided which shall be applied to a visible exterior location on the boat.
(d) Kayak rack space is reserved on a space available basis at an annual rate set by the Board for the calendar year and continuing until the Board changes it.
(e) Boats should be stored in an inverted position to avoid collecting rain and secured to the kayak rack with a cable lock.
(f) Boats on racks that are not registered and without visible stickers will be removed and sold at auction in accordance with state and local laws if not claimed after a two (2) week email notice from the Property Manager

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