Guest Pool Passes and Bingo this coming Friday, July 2nd

Date: June 29, 2021
Subject: Guest Pool Passes and Bingo this coming Friday, July 2nd

Guest Pool Passes –

Just a friendly reminder that if you plan on having additonal guest’s at the pool this weekend you will need to purchase guest passes.

Each unit will receive 2 free guest passes with your approved pool pass.  Addition pool passes may be purchase for up to 3 additional guest(s) per day. 

Wrist bands will be issued for the additional guest(s) at a rate of $1 per pass for weekdays and $3 per pass on weekends and holidays. The bands will be different colors for weekends and weekdays, switching colors by week.  They will also be dated and used for those dates noted. 

To obtain additional guest pool passes:

1 – The office must be contacted in writing or by email [email protected] at the minimum        2 days prior and picked up by end of day before guest will be attending.  

2 – Payment must be made at time of pick up with the exact amount due in cash or by check.

3 – Guest passes for weekends must be picked up by 12:30 Friday prior to the weekend.

4 – List names of guest(s) in email for those being purchased

Thank you,



Lisa L Shank




Bingo this Friday will start early with a Happy Hour beforehand, beginning at 5:30. 


It will be 4th of July themed, with Happy Hour starting at 5:30 and with Bingo to follow at 6:30. 


There is a resident sponsor from the Pickleball Group who is going to make margaritas (two flavors, and he has a margarita machine) and we’ll have other alcohol and drinks available. 


Residents are encouraged to bring snacks or appetizer type foods to share so we can make this a proper party!


Let’s start the holiday weekend off with some fireworks of our own!




The COSC Committee

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