Polybutylene Pipe Townhalls and Inspection Deadline

Date: August 12, 2021
Subject: Polybutylene Pipe Townhalls and Inspection Deadline

Fellow residents of Queen’s Landing,


The Ad-hoc Polypipe Committee is inviting all QL residents to a series of informational sessions to learn about the issues facing QL relative to polybutylene piping (polypipe).  The committee has prepared a presentation outlining the issues including: a historical timeline, current status, potential impacts, near term goals for mitigation, and long-term goals for mitigation.  The sessions are scheduled for:

Wed August 25 at 7pm

Tuesday August 31 at 7pm

Thursday September 2nd at 7pm 


There will be opportunities for Q&A at each of the sessions. As a precursor to the presentations, the committee offers the following:


2021 marks more than 10 years since the discovery that many units in Queen’s Landing were built using polypipe for the domestic water service. Unfortunately, polypipe has been shown to deteriorate over time.  In fact, the deterioration issues are so significant that polypipe has been prohibited from use in new construction since 1996.  Polypipe is perfectly legal to have in your home but is extremely susceptible to breaks and leaks, a fact that our insurance agent has to disclose as we shop for insurance underwriters each year.  The presence of polypipe exposes the entire QL community to higher insurance premiums, out-of-pocket losses paid from our operating budget, and a requirement to pay our insurance premium full in advance. 


On the bright side, more than half the units in the community have been certified polypipe-free. In order to demonstrate to our insurance carrier progress towards identification and mitigation of the polypipe risks, the Ad-hoc Polypipe Committee has established the near term goal of identifying all units that contain polypipe by December 31, 2021.   Owners of units ”not certified as polypipe free” will be required to have their property inspected for the presence of polypipe by a licensed plumber by that date.   Those unit owners subject to the inspection requirement will be informed via email and will be provided with a list of plumbers participating with group rates and other details.  


The Ad Hoc Polypipe Committee is composed of fellow Queens Landing residents, and again encourages your attendance at the informational sessions where you will have ample opportunity to ask questions.. 


For questions and other concerns at this time please contact [email protected] and [email protected]

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