Meet the Candidates

Date: September 17, 2021
Subject: Meet the Candidates


Meet the Candidates

September 30, 2021

7pm to 9pm


All are invited to Meet the Candidates running for the 2022 Queen’s Landing Council of Unit Owners Board of Directors.  We will conduct this event in person at the clubhouse and via video/teleconference. 


For the 2021 Board of Directors Election, six (6) candidates submitted applications by the required deadline.  Attached are those candidate bios as well as the electronic voting FAQ information previously sent out to owners. Please note while all applications were reformatted to be uniform in look neither the content nor the style of writing including spelling, grammar and punctuation has been changed.  These reformatted bios were also provided to each candidate to review for accuracy before being included in this notice.


We encourage you to read each bio and to attend ”Meet the Candidates”.  You may also see some or all of the candidates campaigning in the community over the next few weeks and owners are encouraged to speak with the candidates – get to know them and do your due diligence as an owner.


Upcoming Dates:

09/25/2021 – Electronic Voting Opens

9/30/2021 –   Meet the Candidates

10/08/2021 – Voting Ends at 7 pm

10/08/2021 – Annual Meeting


Thank you for your understanding in these trying times as we work through the best way to provide you access to the candidates.  As always, we strongly encourage all unit owners to attend via teleconference/video to meet all the potential candidates.


Should you have further questions, please email [email protected] so that we can resolve any issues or special needs you may have.  Valid election information will ONLY come from Tidewater Property Management, the election committee at [email protected] or Simply Voting.  Information received from any other source is not official information and should not be viewed as such.

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