Message from the Board President

Date: September 24, 2021
Subject: Message from the Board President

To the Queens Landing community,

Please be aware that neither Tidewater Management nor the Board is allowed to share your contact information with any other Board member or unit owner.   The Board Voted to lockdown this information, and only provide access to the President and Treasure when needed to perform their respective duties.  We have received multiple complaints, and a few wishing to file formal complaints, from unit owners who are receiving unsolicited emails from a member of the Board asking for their support for re-election.   We have no proof that he obtained anything improperly, but any information gathered while performing board duties should never be used for personal gain. The Executive Board will meet to discuss any appropriate actions that may be implemented.  If you received the solicitation and wish to file a complaint or have concerns about how your information was obtained, please email [email protected].

The Email that was sent by Mr. Adcock did include an image of himself and two other residents.  One of those residents has issued a formal complaint for using her likeness without asking for or receiving permission.  Julia Stevens would like the community to know: 

“Walter did not ask for or at any point receive permission to print a picture that displays me in the background giving the impression to the community that I might endorse him which is adamantly not the case.  The reason for the complaint, is that I have received numerous text messages and emails from QL friends, neighbors, and residents making me aware of the picture and asking if I was endorsing him.”


Please join your neighbors at meet the candidate’s night on September 30th at 7pm to meet and speak to the 5 residents running for the Board.

Thank you,

Bob Karnei

Board President

Queen's Landing