Proxy Forms & Annual Meeting

Date: October 07, 2021
Subject: Proxy Forms & Annual Meeting    

Every Annual Meeting and Election requires 124 unit owners to make it an official quorum.

The quorum is comprised of unit owners present at the meeting, on video or phone, and proxies.  The proxy doesn’t affect your vote as many believe, it is used for attendance purposes in establishing a quorum.  You can fill out the attached proxy and drop it off at the office, drop it in the black drop box or email it to [email protected].  You have the right to assign another unit owner as your proxy or the Board Secretary as listed in the form if you cannot attend the meeting.  There are printed proxy forms available at the clubhouse if you do not have the ability to print one. 

Quorum must be met to hold the Annual Meeting and the Board of Director elections. 

Your neighbors need you to act TODAY OR TOMORROW before 5pm on Friday.

If you have not received your Simply Voting username and password, please check your spam and junk folders first before emailing me at [email protected].  If you have received your voting information but still need assistance, please reach out as we are running short on time.


Thank you,

Bob Karnei

Queen’s Landing BOD President 


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