Information Gathered by COSC Committee About Local Fitness Clubs

Date: November 11, 2021
Subject: Information Gathered by COSC Committee About Local Fitness Clubs
Local Fitness Clubs:
  1. Fitness RX: Per Stephanie there – We would love to work something out for the Queens Landing community. Our membership is a one-year term at $45 with a $25 enrollment fee. As I understand the need for the gym is temporary until renovations are complete at Queens Landing. We can offer the community members a no enrollment and the $45 a month , month to month, that is not a lock in for a year. They would get the 24/7 access and all classes on the schedule as a regular member. When they no longer need the gym, they give us a 30 day notice. If anyone should decide they want to keep the membership, it stays a month to month and the same rate. This seems to be the best deal price-wise on the island. Month-to-Month, $45 per, waived sign-up fee and waived annual term requirement.
  2. Club one:  Per Missy there- Thank you for reaching out regarding your community’s fitness needs. I am sorry we are not offering any promotions or discounts at this time. Residents are welcome to stop in anytime for a tour of our facilities. We offer great pricing on our annual memberships, but do offer short term options if they want to do day passes, week passes, one months, or 3 month memberships. Our facilities would be a great addition to your Clubhouse facilities.

So, no discounts, not willing to make any concessions. Rates are $65 month per person, $105 per month for families per their website. They do have an indoor pool, steam rooms and sauna, etc., so those are nice amenities. This is the best overall place on the island. They know it and are not giving any discounts.

  1. There is a Crossfit place on Romancoke Road (CrossFit Kent Island) – Pricing here is for personal training sessions. Appointment personal training sessions are $190.80 per month for 4 classes a month. Other plans are here:

The cheapest option requires a drive to Easton (or Severna Park) where there is a Planet Fitness you can join for $10 per month. There are also YMCAs in Easton. There are some martial arts places and some Yoga places, etc., but these are the only “fitness centers” on the island that would appeal to most.


If you know someone at one of these places and can get us a better deal, or know of a place I missed, please let me know.





COSC Chair


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