BOD Recap November 2021

Date: November 18, 2021
Subject: Monthly: BOD Recap November 2021

The November Board meeting was held on Monday night and notable for likely being the last one in the Clubhouse until renovations are complete.   President Bob Karnei gave a projected reopen date of April 2022, subject of course to many factors such as U.S. supply chain issues.


Bob also covered several other topics:


  • While the Clubhouse amenities such as the Chester Room, the gym, and the social room are closed, the lobby and offices will remain open as much as the renovations allow.   However, they may be closed on any given day and if you need to talk to management staff in person you should definitely make an appointment.
  • The community has received many communications on turning off water to hose bibs for the winter, trash and recycling practices, Polypipe inspections, and dryer vent cleanings.   There are good reasons for these rules – in every case, they come down to saving all of us money.  Those units that are not following the rules will need to be fined to cover the cost incurred on the rest of the community.
  • Tom Lindsay has resigned from the Board and Bob thanked him on behalf of all for his work and time
  • The committees that run the business of the community are BADLY in need of volunteers, particularly the Maintenance committee, and you don’t have to be a construction expert to put in some volunteer hours.   We will find you non-technical tasks to do, such as research and phone calls, meeting another homeowner during the day, occasionally shadowing Kenny, and we need folks who could map the storm water system and electric meter locations.
  • The Board has renewed Tidewater’s contract for another 18 months and Tidewater has an offer out to a new manager we hope will start Monday


Queen’s Landing, we wish a warm Happy Holidays filled with fun and laughter, and very best wishes for a prosperous new year.

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