Date: November 23, 2021
Subject: COSC-Related

Hey everyone,


Since the Chester Room is closed until at least April, **the COSC team still wants to keep having community events. We want to keep the “Happy Hours” going using off-site venues. 


The first event we thought of was SantaCon Kent Island, which is on Saturday, December 4th. It involves many of the bars/breweries on the island and much of the proceeds goes to charity. You dress up in Holiday clothes/costumes, and go to any one of the participating venues (Cult Classic Brewery, El Jefe Restaurant, Luke’s Grill, Pour House Pub and Rams Head Shore House.), drink/buy food, and when you are ready to leave, they have 5 shuttles to take you to the next venue. Everyone we’ve talked to says it’s a blast, including several neighbors who’ve previously attended.


We plan to meet at the Pour House at 4 PM that day. We’ll start the festivities there and then jump on the shuttles to keep things going. So, if you want to a hang with us and your neighbors, wear your Santa/Elf/Reindeer costumes andmeet us there. More details here (Click Interested):


Please email me at [email protected], with questions.

Regards and Happy Holidays,


The COSC Team

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