Cats Roaming the Community – NEW PROCESS TO ADDRESS ISSUE

Date: December 01, 2021
Subject: Cats Roaming the Community – NEW PROCESS TO ADDRESS ISSUE

It has been brought to the Board of Directors’ attention that there are multiple cats roaming the community unleashed which, per Queen’s Landing’s Rules & Regulations, is not allowed.  Please see below for the excerpt from Section 2. Building and Grounds, Subsection 2.7 Pets, Page 10 regarding pets, with areas pertinent to this particular issue highlighted:


2.7. Pets

  1. Queen’s Landing residents may have orderly domestic pets provided pet owners register their pet(s) with the Office and comply with Queen Anne’s County codes (Title 9, Section 9, QA Code) and Maryland State ordinances and that such pets are not kept or maintained for commercial purposes.
  2. The maintenance, keeping, boarding, breeding, and raising of animals, livestock, poultry or reptiles of any kind within any unit or upon any Element of Queen’s Landing is prohibited.
  3. Pets are not permitted to run free (unleashed) within the community. Domestic pets shall not cause or create a nuisance, safety or health hazard or unreasonable disturbance.
  4. An individual who walks a pet is required to have his/her pet leashed and have the pet under direct control at all times. Pet waste must be picked up and properly disposed of (e.g.,in the Pet Waste Stations or other appropriate containers). In addition, an adult must directly supervise any child walking or playing with pets when on Common or Limited Common Elements.
  5. Queen’s Landing unit owners should not feed the deer, geese, squirrels, ducks and pigeons that visit and live on our property because of the potential contamination of the grounds from droppings and the danger to the animals.
  6. Pet owners are directly responsible for any damage caused by their pet(s) to landscaping and community property (e.g., lampposts).

Cats roaming the community has been an issue off and on throughout the years.  Improvement will be seen for a short period of time after Broadcast Messages are sent out to the community or notices are sent out to identified cat owners but, inevitably, the problem will start to occur again.  Nothing seems to have been a sustainable and long-term solution, therefore, after consulting with Queen Anne’s County Animal Control, the recommended course of action at this time is to set out traps.  While there are no requirements by the county for how the traps are to be set up, maintained or checked, Queen’s Landing will be placing inside each trap food and water and the traps will be checked twice a day with the second check being completed before the end of the Animal Control business day.  For any cats caught in a trap, Animal Control will be contacted to pick up the cat who will then follow their process for addressing stray cats.


Included with this Broadcast Message is a copy of Queen’s Landing Rules & Regulations as well as a copy of Queen Anne’s County Animal Control Regulations, both of which can also be found on the portal under Community Information > Governing Documents > Rules and Regulations.  As a reminder, all governing documents are available to all owners on the portal and investment owners are responsible for ensuring their tenants have read and agree to comply by the rules as well.  If you should have questions regarding these rules or any other rules, please contact the office via email at [email protected] or via phone at 410-643-5192.


Thank you,

Queen’s Landing Board of Directors

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