Trash Service

Date: January 10, 2022
Subject: Trash Service

To all Queens Landing Residents,

We are in unprecedented times and all labor-intensive operations are suffering from employee shortages due to both Covid 19 and a very shallow labor pool.  Trash service all over the state is suffering and our contractor, Republic Services, is not immune.  The weather provided another obstacle that put Republic behind Monday and then hit them again on Friday.  We all know how hard it is to catch up even under the best of conditions.  The Board and Management will have discussions with Republic Services this week and try to come up with a resolve for our current situation and a possible strategy for future interruptions.

Representatives from Republic Services called every day last week to update us on their intended service schedule but between employee shortages, vehicle issues and routes taking longer than normal due to the current conditions, they were not able to provide trash service to Queens Landing.  The office sent out several email blasts last week informing residents of the most up to date information available.  This is a large community, and we are bound to have service interruptions every now and again.  Trash service interruptions in the past have been mostly limited to a missed street or a missed pet waist container.  Republic’s service track record to date is pretty good.

Some background information:

In the spring of 2020, the Board checked into adding another garbage pickup and recycling day.  Republic did not have enough trucks to add an additional trash pickup day but was able to add the Wednesday recycling pick up.  Republic was however, pushing for us to add dumpsters around the neighborhood and discontinue curbside pickup.  It is estimated that we would need one dumpster for every three to four buildings.  Our community just isn’t designed to have dumpsters spread around the campus, so the Board worked with Republic to continue our current service. The other carriers we spoke to would not do curbside pickup service like we have now.

We must work with Republic Services as I don’t believe there is another company out there that will duplicate our current service.   With everyone’s patience, we will get through this shortly.

Thank you,

Bob Karnei, QLCOUO Board President

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