Fox Sighting and Other Wildlife

Date: January 13, 2022
Subject: Fox Sighting and Other Wildlife
Good Afternoon QL,

Some of you may have noted a fox hanging out in the community recently, including during the day time.  As there have been a couple of sightings reported, we contacted USDA Wildlife Services to get some information and find what, if anything, needed to be done.  We were informed that it is not unusual for a fox to be out during the day and if they have a steady food supply, for example, feral or free roaming cats, it may be very comfortable in a community and may hang out for a while.  All reports indicate the fox appears healthy enough and as such they didn’t think there was anything to be concerned about.


The Board would like to remind everyone that part of the beauty of living here includes wildlife.  The otter in the lake, muskrat, deer, ducks, heron, swans, geese and fox are all part of our unique ecological environment.  That being stated, if anyone notices aggressive behavior from any of our native wildlife, please contact the office.  Also, it is recommended that those with cats follow the rules and keep them indoors and safe and for all pet owners, please make sure your pets are up to date with their rabies shots and are registered with the Association.


If you have any questions regarding this broadcast message or need to register your pet, please contact the office via email at [email protected] or via phone at 410-643-5192.


Thank You!





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