Items Placed in Common Areas – REMOVE NO LATER THAN APRIL 22

Date: April 18, 2022
Subject: Items Placed in Common Areas – REMOVE NO LATER THAN APRIL 22

This is a general notice to all residents advising that any items left in the common (grassed) areas as of Friday, April 22, will be removed starting Monday, April 25th and disposed of properly.  

In a recent walk through of the community it was noted that once again there are many items such as benches, fire pits, grills, weather stations, bird houses, flags, bird feeders, bird baths, shepherd’s hooks, etc. placed out in the grassed common areas of the community that need to be removed immediately.  With regards to grills and fire pits except for the use of UL electric grills or similar electrical apparatus these may not be used on any balcony or under any overhang and must be 15 feet from buildings when lit and as such may be placed in the grassed area when using, however, when you are done using the grill or fire pit you must extinguish completely and place it back on your patio after each use.  Nothing should be placed in the common areas to remain.

Several residents will be receiving courtesy notices to remove those items we were able to identify as belonging to a particular unit, however, there are many other items/areas that need to be addressed in which we have no idea who owns the items.  So, if you are a resident who has placed something in the grassed common areas, please remove it no later than Friday, April 22 or the item will be removed and disposed of.

If you have questions regarding this notice to the community, please email [email protected].

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