QAC Fire Hydrant Flushing – May 17 – PLEASE READ

Date: May 03, 2022
Subject: QAC Fire Hydrant Flushing – May 17 – PLEASE READ
The Queen Anne’s County (QAC) Sanitary District conducts hydrant flushing programs annually. Customers will experience periods of discolored water and pressure drops. Water line flushing will AFFECT the water quality to ALL the homes in the service area, not just the homes on the streets listed. Residents & Businesses in the service area being flushed should expect minor amounts of sediment and iron during the flushing process.  QAC asks residents to avoid doing laundry at this time and to reduce their use of hot water to a minimum.  For the Queen’s Landing area they will be starting at 7:30 a.m. on the morning of May 17* and continue late into the day for the following neighborhoods/locations:

TUESDAY MAY 17, 2022*


A. Kent Island Fire Dept.

B. Blue Bell Court

C. Salt Works Lane

D. Schnoor Way

E. Auckland Way/Blowoff

F. Queen Mary Court

G. Queen Neva Court/ Blowoff

H. McGuckin Street

I. Clairborne Street

J. Macum Creek Street

Signs will be posted at the entrances to the affected communities. Please feel free to call 410-643-3535 with any questions or to report a problem.

The flushing schedule may be effected by and may change as the result of unforeseen circumstances such as equipment failure or weather.

Full PDF of Flushing Schedule is attached to this broadcast message.  For more information go to

Pipes Flushing by a Fire Hydrant

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