BOD Recap July 2022

Date: July 20, 2022
Subject: Monthly: BOD Recap July 2022

The Board met for their July meeting this past Monday the 19th. 

In his President’s message Bob Karnei highlighted some areas we are working on or have worked on: 

  • The bar setup for the Chester Room has a design and is in the works 
  • Doors and windows project is well underway, with “Round 3” coming this fall.  A motion was made, see below.
  • We are still looking for an administrative assistant to Tammy and residents are asked to please be patient during this period that the office is understaffed.   
  • New benches are in around the community 
  • The much requested clocks are now in place at the pool and the gym 
  • We continue to work at the problem of outside people using the property and remind you that the Office cannot monitor social media like Facebook for alerts on this problem 

In new Business, a couple of motions were made and passed unanimously: 

  1. Move the board accept the proposal from Harper & Sons, Inc to install doors/windows as noted in the quote attached for priority 1 maintenance requests not to exceed $65,000.  The Maintenance Committee unanimously approved this bid.  Further, Current priority 1 requests remaining at this time is 6, which Harper & Sons will be quoting.  If the new Quote does not exceed the remaining funds available in the reserves as noted below, the total of $62000 the board approve those funds at this time also.  Total of $127,000.00 

The idea here is we are ahead of schedule on Priority 1 door and window replacements and could have the complete Priority 1 list done before next year.   

  1.  The second motion was from the Covenants committee to activate the Documentation, Rules and Regulations Sub-committee 

This is done every two years to review the community Rules and Regs which you can find at here.  Look out for the scheduling of this committee meeting so you can attend and learn what Rules are coming and going, and even make suggestions to help actually decide on Rules and Regs, or JOIN the committee. A separate broadcast message will be sent with the volunteer application included for those interested in joining the committee.

Bob also played the expletive-filled voicemail rant of a homeowner left for Tidewater about Republic’s failed trash pickup.   Bob corrected the misinformed ideas this homeowner had about Queen’s Landing’s relationships with its vendors, but wanted also to highlight that profane, disrespectful communications with the office will not be tolerated. 

In old Business, Rick provided some information about areas they are working to save in pool expenses that will allow them to extend the pool season. 

If you have any questions about this month’s recap, please write [email protected]

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