Welcome Your New Administrative Assistant – Elizabeth Melvin

Date: September 08, 2022
Subject: Welcome Your New Administrative Assistant – Elizabeth Melvin
Good Afternoon QL,
I am very pleased to announce Elizabeth Melvin has been hired by Tidewater Property Management to fill the Administrative Assistant position for your community. I will be working with Elizabeth over the next several weeks as she gets familiar with the database, processes and procedures and your community in general, so please be patient while she learns the ropes although I will say Elizabeth is catching on very quickly and is an enthusiastic learner.  Elizabeth’s first day was actually this past Tuesday and some of you may have already had the chance to meet Elizabeth but I wanted to give her a couple of days to at least familiarize herself with her office surroundings before sending an announcement.
Elizabeth’s hours are Monday – Thursday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm and Friday’s 9:00 am to 3:30 pm and her email address is [email protected].  Of course, the [email protected] email will also reach Elizabeth as well as me and is still your best option to make sure your email is seen and addressed by one of us.
I hope you will join me in welcoming Elizabeth to Queen’s Landing and maybe even stop by and introduce yourself!
Thank you,
Tammy Eaton
On-Site Community Association Manager
Queen’s Landing CUO
500 Queen’s Landing Drive
Chester, MD  21619
[email protected]
O: 410-643-5192  F:410-604-2712

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