BOD  Recap September 2022

Date: September 22, 2022
Subject: Monthly:  BOD  Recap September 2022

Hello Queen’s Landing, 


This month’s President’s message began with a reminder that we need the community to vote in the Annual Election so that we have the minimum necessary number of units for a quorum.   Without that, we just have to do it again and pay for it again.  Voting opens on Tuesday and you will receive some instruction in email on what to do next. 

The bar in the Chester Room is complete and looks terrific. 

The office has a new assistant, Elizabeth Melvin. 

A couple of home maintenance tips from Bob.   If your washer uses rubber hoses, change them to braided stainless steel as the rubber ones will eventually break; have your hot water heater cleaned; and know where the water shutoff is for the home.” 

Some upcoming Social Events: 

  • Outrigger Canoeing Clinic this Saturday the 24th 
  • Yin Yoga in the Chester Room Saturday mornings at 10am 
  • Queen’s Landing Artists’ Showcase Sunday October 15th 

In New Business there were a couple of motions which both passed unanimously: 

  • A motion to allow some work on the decorative wood beams that adorn some buildings 
  • A motion to allow some landscaping work to be done in the picnic/flagpole area on the northwest side of the Clubhouse 

Finally, after the Board meeting the Chair of the Budget committee held a Q&A for the community on the 2023 proposed annual budget. 


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