2022 Annual Meeting and Election Results

Date: October 17, 2022
Subject: 2022 Annual Meeting and Election Results

Hello Queen’s Landing,

2022’s Annual Meeting and Election was held this past Friday night.

The 2022 Board of Directors voted unanimously to pass the 2023 Budget which will be sent out to all owners this week and will also be available on the Tidewater Portal.

The Board of Director’s Election was also held for the four open seats with the final results tallied and certified by Simply Voting.  A total of 128 owners voted and the breakdown of each candidate’s votes received is as follows:


Ballot Votes %

Mike Rabinowitz


Bob Karnei


Chris Buell


Laurelle McCready


As there were four seats available due to the resignation of a previous Board Member, the Board Member receiving the fewest votes will finish out the term of that former member which will be a 1 year term.

The raw data, including total number of votes, weighting, and percentages, can be provided upon request to the office.

The Organizational meeting was held immediately following the Annual Meeting with the officers elected by the Board Members.  Your 2022 – 2023 Board is listed below:

Board Officers:

Bob Karnei, President (Board term ends 10/2025)

Chris Buell, Vice President (Board term ends 10/2025)

Jaci Hendricks, Treasurer (Board term ends 10/2024)

Mike Rabinowitz, Secretary (Board term ends 10/2025)

Members At Large:

Rick Baamonde (Board term ends 10/2023)

Laurelle McCready (Board term ends 10/2023)

Reg Overman (Board term ends 10/2024)

Andres (Tito) Sandin (Board term ends 10/2023)

Margery Tierney-Bergsman (Board term ends 10/2024)

The Board would like to thank those that voted and especially those that attended and for all of the wonderful, positive comments. We look forward to a productive and wonderful 2023 and the Board thanks you for your participation and support!

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