February Board of Directors Meeting Recap!

Date: February 24, 2023
Subject: February Board of Directors Meeting Recap!

Hello and welcome to your recap for the February 2023 Board Meeting.  In assorted items:


  • The Ad Hoc Polybutylene committee reported that it was down to just five units that had not met the necessary requirements and the Office added that that number was down to three.   With these final few units now in the violation process managed by the Covenants committee and all charter items completed, the Ad Hoc Polybutylene committee announced that it was formally decommissioned.
  • The final version of the charter for the Recreational Facilities Operations subcommittee was approved.
  • The Board had a lengthy discussion of the various changes to the Queen’s Landing Rules and Regulations that is done by the Documentation subcommittee every two years.   The committee is approaching a final draft that will be presented to the community in an upcoming Town Hall.
  • Margery Tierney-Bergsman announced that with the upcoming sale of her unit and subsequent move she would have to resign from the Board soon.
  • There were violations hearings for one unit owner on polybutylene and three unit owners on dryer vents.
  • There was a discussion of more active enforcement of other rules such as vehicles without parking passes and that the enforcement of such things is mainly dependent upon having the manpower to do it.   With so much time spent on enforcing dryer vent and polybutylene compliance the last couple of years, there hasn’t been time for much else.

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