Realtor’s Open House Home Tours May 17 – Show Off Your Unit!

Date: April 06, 2023
Subject: Realtor’s Open House Home Tours May 17 – Show Off Your Unit!

Queen’s Landing will be hosting a Realtor’s Open House on Wednesday, May 17th from 10 am to 2 pm as a way to promote Queen’s Landing and show how beautiful it is all while helping to educate the local Realtors about our wonderful community.


While QL has held Realtor Open Houses in the past, this year the Board would like to have a few unit owners participate in a tour of homes.  This would allow Realtors to see the different styles of units QL has to offer, especially since many owners have renovated their units so nicely.  Once we have a list of units wanting to participate we will let you know if your unit has been selected.  This selection will be based on the style of unit, as we only need one or two of the same floor plan but with different views, and on location as the goal is to encourage the Realtors to tour the whole community.  Certainly, the Realtors can pick and choose the units they’d like to stop and see.


How Will This Work For Realtors

Realtors will be invited by the management office and will need to RSVP in order to participate.  On the day of the open house the Realtors will need to stop at the clubhouse to pick up their badge that will identify them as an invited Realtor and their map of the community with the participating homes marked and then will be sent on their way.  The Realtors will finish the day by returning to the clubhouse to turn in their badge, pick up information about the community, have a tour of the clubhouse and pool area, ask questions and enjoy some light refreshments.


I’d Like to Participate:

If you are interested in participating in the Tour of Homes, please click this link Home Tour Participant and provide your name, and unit address.  You do not have to be selling your unit or even interested in selling your unit to participate.  We would just like to show off a little.  Please respond by April 30 to be considered as one of the homes on the tour.

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