Exterior Siding Warranty Inspections – May 10 through May 12 – RESIDENT ACTION REQUIRED

Date: May 10, 2023
Subject: Exterior Siding Warranty Inspections – May 10 through May 12 – RESIDENT ACTION REQUIRED
Please be advised that Investigative Inspection Services will be onsite this week performing the 10 year inspections of the exterior siding as part of the Association’s preventative maintenance program and as required to ensure the exterior siding warranty is valid for the duration of the warranty period.
Buildings 1, 2, 3, 4, 37 and 42 will be looked at this year from May 10 through May 12 between the hours of 8 am and 6 pm, weather dependent.  Work may extend past 6 pm if the contractor deems it necessary to finish tracing an issue or to stay ahead of upcoming bad weather.
We are asking that residents of the above listed buildings (your unit number indicates the building you live in, ie, 1A is in building 1) to please make sure your patios are cleared enough to allow the investigators the ability to put up ladders. Also, while the inspection is not technically invasive there will be tapping and/or “knocking” on the exterior.  For more information for the work being performed, please see the scope of work below.  As there will be vibrations from the inspection, if you have items on a shelf inside your unit that is an exterior wall or on window sills, we recommend you move them to prevent the vibrations from knocking them over.  Please know, that neither the contractor, nor the Association will be responsible for items left in place that may get broken due to falling over from vibrations.  It is not anticipated that the investigators will need access to the interior of the units, however, if there is a need that unit owner/resident will be notified and a time scheduled.
The scope of work for Investigative Inspection Services (IIS) is a detailed inspection consisting of visual observation of EIFS facade components, with moisture meter measurements and probing. IIS shall use, at a minimum, the following techniques in performing the inspections:
  • IIS will conduct an assessment for moisture damage to the buildings. This includes the framing, sheathing, and other components.
  • IIS will determine the degree of any damage to the sheathing and framing on the building within the limits of the inspection protocol.
  • The survey will note maintenance issues as well as installation and repair deficiencies.
  • Inspection will involve the use of a non-invasive moisture meter on the EIFS systems to search for hidden moisture under the wall surfaces. IIS will use a resistance meter to probe the areas that the non-invasive meter indicates has high moisture.  If any of the units have the original stucco type system still installed in areas that were not repaired, a resistance meter can only be used at these sites, as the non-invasive meter may be inaccurate.
  • IIS inspection and probe locations will be below windows, doors, decks, roof/wall intersections, small penetrations, sites with high readings on non-invasive moisture meter, and locations that, in my experience, have had moisture problems on buildings similar to these.
  • Non-destructive moisture meter survey and probe locations will be determined by Moisture Warranty inspection protocols.
  • The investigation will be invasive in that probe holes will be made into the exterior and possibly the interior walls for moisture readings. Probe holes will be sealed using color matching sealant.  If interior readings are needed, the unit owner/resident will be notified but again, this is not expected.
Please understand, the inspection is weather-dependent for the exterior survey. In general, the exterior surfaces of the walls must be dry and not cold. These conditions may be situational (such as multiple days of rain followed by cloudy days) and will be determined on site by the inspector.  Depending on the outcome of General and Detailed Inspections, it is estimated it will take seven days to complete the surveys, however, this is subject to change.
As with all contractors onsite doing work for the Association, please do not inhibit them from doing the job they have been hired to do.  If you have questions regarding the process or why this is being done or concerns you would like to express, please contact the office at 410-643-5192 or via email at [email protected].
Thank you,
Tammy Eaton
Queen’s Landing Association Manager

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