Monthly BOD Recap for May 2023

Date: May 17, 2023
Subject: Monthly BOD Recap for May 2023

Hello Queen’s Landing and welcome to your May 2023 Board Meeting recap.


Last night’s meeting was dominated by the pending Rules and Regs update, and all changes were voted on unanimously as approved except for one:  How to handle hot water heater risks.


In the initial draft of the updated Rules and Regs, the proposal was to do annual inspection and flushing of hot water heaters.   However, the first Town Hall produced a group of unit owners who were opposed to this for various reasons.   The Documentation and Maintenance committees went back to work with this feedback and came up with the alternative of hot water heater replacement every ten years.   However, the second Town Hall drew another louder group of homeowners who were opposed to this alternative, and ultimately a motion last night to remove that requirement in favor of amending back to the first proposal, which will be raised again in a third Town Hall.


The only other business was the passing of a motion to allow funds to be spent on asphalt sealant for the community.   This was actually in the budget for 2024 but was necessary to move up to 2023 if we wanted to use the same sealant that was last used in 2017.   Starting late this year, the State of Maryland mandates the use of an eco-friendlier product which does not yet have the proven longevity of the current product.


We look forward to seeing you at committee meetings and the next Board meeting.

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