4th of July Holiday – Office Hours, Pool Info, Trash Services

Date: June 30, 2023
Subject: 4th of July Holiday – Office Hours, Pool Info, Trash Services
Hello Queen’s Landing!
Some housekeeping items before the holidays!
Office Holiday Hours
Queen’s Landing offices will be open from 10 am to 4 pm on Monday, July 3.  All Tidewater offices, inlcuding the Queen’s Landing office, will be closed on Tuesday, July 4 in observance of Independence Day.  If you have a maintenance emergency during this time, please call 443-548-0191.
Pool Passes
As a reminder, only residents with approved pool applications, bracelets and fobs programmed will be allowed access to the pool.  So, if your pass application was approved but you did not bother to come pick up your bracelets you are not allowed access to the pool.  It has been brought to our attention that the lifeguards have not been as diligent as they should be in checking for passes but they have been given reinstruction to check that everyone entering the pool area has a pool pass bracelet and if not, then the person is not allowed access.  Also, as a reminder each unit is allowed a total of five guests per visit.  Each unit with an approved pool pass application received two guest pass bracelets and you have the option of purchasing additional guest passes but you may only have five guests per visit to the pool.  Anyone caught using the pool without pool passes or anyone caught allowing a resident without pool passes use of the pool will lose their pool privleges for the remainder of the pool season.  And, no, they cannot come as your guest.  If they live here they need their own passes.
Violations at the Pool
If you note a violation of the pool rules occurring or another resident or their guest is acting in a manner that is an issue of concern for you and you don’t want to approach the person, you don’t have to. If it is during office hours you can notify the staff. If it is after hours, simply leave a voice mail at 410-643-5192 or send an email to [email protected] and notify the office what happened and the date and time of the incident.  Cameras and fob logs will be reviewed to see the violation ourselves and the residents involved will be notified without you involved. It doesn’t work for residents to tell us weeks later with no date information as we cannot sit and review days and days and hours and hours of video but we can quickly go to a day and approximate time.
Chairs, Lounge Chairs, Umbrellas Oh My!
If you notice that there is a broken chair, table, umbrella, etc. please let the office know.  If you have had an accident that caused damage, please let the office know.  As is noted throughout the clubhouse, there are cameras everywhere and we will find you so save everyone the hassle, and just let us know.  If you don’t tell us, we can’t get it fixed in a timely manner and someone else may get hurt in the meantime attempting to use the broken item.  If it is after hours when an issue occurs or is noted, leave a voicemail at 410-643-5192 or send an email to [email protected].
Lost Is Not Found
Items left at the pool are not kept.  If you leave it, it will be thrown away, so please make sure to check your area before leaving the pool.
Trash and The Holidays
Republic Services sets the schedule for holiday pick up.  The information regarding Republic Services holiday schedule can be found on the portal under Community Information > Property Information > Trash.  Residents should check the schedule if you have questions regarding recognized holidays and how trash pick up may be affected.
Have a wonderful and safe 4th of July!
Thank you,
Tammy Eaton
Tidewater Property Management On-Site Community Association Manager
On Behalf of the Board of Directors

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