Rules & Regulations Effective July 7, 2023

Date: July 07, 2023
Subject: Rules & Regulations Effective July 7, 2023
Hello Queen’s Landing,
Attached are the current Rules & Regulations which are effective, today, July 7, 2023.  Please take a moment to read through the attached document to familiarize yourself with the association rules.  Also, please note there annual requirements with regards to interior unit maintenance that is the responsibility of each unit owner.  This section is found on page 8 under 2.1 Unit Maintenance Requirements and Recommendations.
If you have questions regarding the content of this broadcast message, please call 410-643-5192 or email [email protected].
Thank you,
Tammy Eaton
Tidewater Property Management Onsite Association Manager
On Behalf of the Board of Directors

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