Changes At the Onsite Management Office

Date: July 21, 2023
Subject: Changes At the Onsite Management Office

Happy Friday Afternoon Queens Landing,

I wanted to send out a quick note to let everyone know that our management office is back to a one Tammy show for a while.  As capable as she is, she cannot get everything done without a bit of planning and scheduling.  If you have a need from the management office, please email your request for the fastest response.  The second fastest response time will probably come from a phone call but please be sure to leave a message.  Messages will be checked periodically throughout the day.  The slowest response time would come from dropping in unannounced, and unless it is an emergency, (fire, flood, or blood), you will need to use one of the first two methods to make an appointment.  If your issue is an emergency and you do not get a response at the onsite office, please call Tidewater’s main office at 443-548-0191.

We have started the process of finding a new assistant for the office and will keep you updated at the various committee and board meetings.  If you have a candidate in mind, please email the office.

Have a happy and safe weekend,

Bob Karnei

Queens Landing CUO Board President

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