Budgets, dues, and office staff: Part Three

Date: August 25, 2023
Subject: Budgets, dues, and office staff: Part Three

Hello Queen’s Landing, 


In Parts One and Two of this series, we covered briefly how the dues might raise by $2 or $11 per month depending on what we change in the front office.  There is still another proposal that we need to get to, but first based on the comments and concerns at Monday night’s Board meeting, we wanted to address Queen’s Landing’s contracts with all our vendors and especially Tidewater. 


First of all, yes, our contracts with our vendors are regularly reviewed and renegotiated.   Sometimes we pay more and sometimes we actually do pay less.  The contract shopping and renegotiation happens out of our committees, like Landscape, Maintenance, and Recreation.  Go the meetings and you too can add your input to the process. 


As for our contract with Tidewater, in principle everyone on the Board agrees regular review and renegotiation are critical and this was done at the last contract renewal in 2020-2021. 


But to actually shop around and put out a request for new bids from other management companies, we need to run it out of the Ad Hoc Management committee dedicated to that task.  A Board member would need to chair that committee and they will need to have members.  If we were to select  a new management company the Ad Hoc Management committee would need to continue on through the migration. 


This process of shopping and possibly migrating to a new management company would be a ton of work. Honestly, what really keeps us from this task, is volunteer manpower.   We simply do not have enough people volunteering from the community to join the Board or join the committees and volunteer their time.    


We have four open Board seats for election in October and maybe someone with the appropriate background will run and the President of the Board could appoint them to chair that committee.


Any questions so far?  Email [email protected] and he will try to get it answered. 

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