Budget 2024 – Budget & Finance Committee Meeting Tonight at 5 PM

Date: August 31, 2023
Subject: Budget 2024 – Budget & Finance Committee Meeting Tonight at 5 PM
Hello Queen’s Landing Unit Owner,
Tonight’s meeting is the 5th meeting of the Budget & Finance Committee. The previous four meetings consisted of the detailed, in depth work, of line by line review using information as garnered through the management office, committee chairs, contacting service providers and using historical data as well as current inflation rates.  In this respect, the committee’s work in developing the budgets (Baseline and Requested Scenarios) is finished. The purpose of this particular meeting will be for the committee to review and discuss comments received by the Board of Directors.
The committee will entertain comments and questions from owners, however, the questions must pertain to the budget numbers.  If asking a question, please be sure to have reviewed the budgets and please refer to the budget line item.  This committee does not handle the various contracts and services the Association uses and will not answer questions pertaining to contracts or services.
For meeting information or to join the virtual meeting on-line or by telephone please visit the website calendar at https://queenslanding.org/calendar/

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