Striping, Speed Bump Painting and Other Street Work Items

Date: October 05, 2023
Subject: Striping, Speed Bump Painting and Other Street Work Items
Hello Queen’s Landing,
Just a reminder that striping of the clubhouse parking lot and painting of the speed bumps throughout the community will be completed on Monday, October 9 and that the clubhouse parking lot must be empty of vehicles by 7 am on Monday to allow for the striping work to be completed.
Also, a few residents have reached out with questions about the continued stickiness of the streets, or in some cases, to let us know of areas the crack fill came up a bit. I visited the couple of areas reported where the crack fill came up, took photos and forwarded them to the contractor along with my questions as to why the streets are still sticky. Total Asphalt assured me the stickiness will go away, explaining that with QL’s waterfront location and the amount of humidity, it may actually take up to 45 days before the stickiness is no longer notable.  I asked why this is happening as this was not an issue with past rejuvenation projects they completed in QL and was advised that with the previous coal tar product they could add a drying agent accelerator that they can’t use with the new state required green product.  With regards to the crack fill they are happy to come back out and address those areas but it was felt we should wait to see if we have any other reported issues before having them do so.  So, in short the streets should become less sticky as each day goes by and the areas that crack fill did come up will be addressed in the very near future.
Thank you,
Tammy Eaton
On-Site Community Association Manager
Queen’s Landing CUO
500 Queen’s Landing Drive
Chester, MD  21619
[email protected]
O: 410-643-5192

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